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Automation made easy

Get rid of the most repetitive and mundane tasks on SaaS.


Ready in seconds

Take your business processes from manual to automated in minutes by downloading our Chrome Extension. Ready to use as soon as you log in. Our friendly chatbot assistant makes it easy to record workflows and trigger them whenever you need.


Integrate with any SaaS

Works with any web-delivered SaaS on the frontend level. No need for expensive integrations to automate the tools you love. We can make SaaS work together as if you were using it yourself.


AI powered automations

Our AI can help you access just the right workflow you need in the right moment. Save time and money by automatically diagnosing bottleneck processes and generate automations to solve them in minutes.

Use cases

Streamline HR processes

Accelerate your SaaS provisioning and de-provisioning as your employees come and go. Propagate HR changes to all your core identity systems. We keep detailed audit logs to track everything we do for full accountability.

Integrate SaaS without APIs

Enjoy seamless integration across your SaaS apps, even those without exposed APIs. Transfer information across your SaaS and make your SaaS work together at the front-end level, as if you were at the computer.

Track SaaS usage

Demystify your SaaS spending and gain insight into how your SaaS is being used and what it is used for. Our AI can help you identify bottleneck business processes and directly automate them.

Data integrity across your systems

Ensure that every system of record is synced together. Our automations help you transfer data across your systems when anything changes. We maintain detailed audit logs to track everything we do for full transparency.


Automate all the work you do on SaaS.

Train Ally, our intelligent assistant, to automate your SaaS workflows directly on your browser. Edit your automations with ease and share workflows seamlessly across your organization. Schedule automations to run whenever you want them to, or ensure that they are always listening on your SaaS. Store enterprise credentials securely with Ally to authenticate into your SaaS. Ally keeps secure audit logs to track all accomplished work.

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Integrate SaaS seamlessly and securely.

Ally can make your SaaS work together. Integrate all of your systems of record and maintain data integrity across your organization. Perform workflows on SaaS based on information from your data stores. Ally can also aggregate information from all your systems of record and present them in a unified dashboard. All without backend integrations or API calls.

Let AI handle your processes.

Allow Ally to understand how you work in the enterprise and automate your business processes for you. Ally can identify bottleneck processes in your organization and generate automations, as well as surface the right workflows at the right time. Ally can also intelligently transform unstructured data into structured data.

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Meet the team

Kevin standing and smiling.

Kevin Yang


Kevin has worked at various companies in Silicon Valley, from startups to VCs to public companies. Most recently, he led a team of AI researchers and engineers at Facebook AI Research. Previously, Kevin founded a service to bring 3D printed educational material to blind students and has a Bachelors in Computer Science with a specialization in AI from Stanford.

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Will Hang


Will is a Stanford AI engineer and researcher with experience spanning AI, healthcare, and distributed systems. He’s led reinforcement learning research from inception-to-product with top industry partners in 6 months with Azalia Mirhoseini and Jeff Dean (Head of Google AI) at Google Brain, is an inventor on 3 AI patents, and has worked for DeepMind and Salesforce in the past.

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Zihua "James" Liu

Head of AI |

Zihua is an experienced AI researcher in developing cutting-edge algorithms for healthcare, robotics, and distributed systems under Prof. Andrew Ng and Prof. Fei-fei Li at Stanford. He also designed and deployed patents with the Head of Perception Carl Wellington and Chief Scientist Prof. Raquel Urtasun at UberATG in 3D Computer Vision.

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